The Team


Roy DiMarco - President

A passion for photography combined with an artistic, yet pragmatic, nature inspired Roy to funnel his creative fervor into marketing. Blending years of on-trend branding savvy and an eye for the power of imagery, he marries image and message for persuasive impact. He translates advertising concepts into reality and has supervised countless product, fashion, architecture and interior design shoots.


John Lee - Commercial Photographer

A commercial on-location and studio photographer, John’s subjects have run the gamut from jewelry to food, from head shots to environmental portraits and from household products to complex medical devices. He is also proficient in 360 spin photography which adds an entirely new dimension to product “portraits.” 


Joel Harris - Event Photographer

With a candid, photo-journalistic style, Joel captures the essence of an event through images that stop time in its tracks. His photography encapsulates emotions into photographic moments that resonate a feeling, carry a message and stir motivation. Photographing corporate events and life events with images that tell a tale.